No Significant Financing For Your Business Without Business Credit Scores

Many business owners seeking financing for their business, don’t realize that without business credit scores, their business will never obtain significant financing. Business credit scores function exactly like personal credit scores, and so you have to build your business credit scores up properly before you can seek large amounts of capital for your business from […]

Working Capital Financing Options To Raise Business Capital

It is no longer unusual to hear about start up and small business struggling with the finances of their ventures. More often than not, this does not stem from a lack of proper planning, and from profits that were never realized. There are simply times wherein business capital is no longer enough to cover for […]

Advice 2009 – Right Time to Finance Business Equipment, Wrong Time to Pay Cash

You sell products vital to the health of your customers, right? Don’t even think about letting them pay cash for their purchase. Sound like blasphemy? Not in the current economic climate where CASH IS KING. What makes us, Bank of Cardiff, qualified to give you advice? We finance thousands of equipment categories from copiers and […]

Who Is Financing Business Loans Other Than Banks?

Business loans are a reliable source for financing a business’s needs including funding daily acquisitions and operations, getting rid of debts in a simple manner and arranging investment for a new venture. Entrepreneurs who are always looking for new business opportunities know the value of instant finance. If a person has access to a quick […]